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Tao of Horses
Tao of Horses

Judith and Mattijs

The Tao of Horses offers a unique combination of natural wisdom that inspires to a free, conscious and harmonious life.
Horses embody an intelligent power of sensitivity, balance and cooperation. Horses deal with the dynamics of life efficiently. They speak body language and invite us to express our intentions clearly and in the now.

The meditations, exercises and wisdom of Taoism help us to be acutely present and work effortlessly. Tao training develops  our physical, emotional and mental consciousness based on and inspired by nature. Communication with horses offers great opportunities of deepening our Taoist practice.

Training -days and -weeks
We offer training opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad. In these our Tao practice and the natural interaction with horses are playfully matched. Dates will follow shortly.

What you may expect:
• Chi Kung: basic movement in which we connect our awareness with our bodies. We learn feeling and working with energy. Head, heart and body are connected.
• Insight in to the world of horses; how they live, communicate and cooperate.
• Exchange about Taoist philosophy that teaches living in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.
• Experiencing the horses in movement and silence. Individual in and the herd.
• Experiential Taoist theory (a.o. about Yin-Yang, Five Energy Movements and alignment).
• Discovering the language of horses and the power of pure intention.
• Develop our ability to become still and aware. In ourselves, and in realtionship to horses and the world around us.

  • Watch a (4.50 min.) video of our 2017 Southern France retreat in here .
  • Watch a (2.02 min.) video of our 2018 Greece retreat  here.

Judith Pijnenburg takes you along in her world of horses and shows you how connecting with these powerfull animals may prove mutual development.  www.equitopia.nl
Mattijs van Katwijk offers an inspiring mixture of humor, knowledge and experience in order for you to experience the wonder of your own power and sensitivity.   

We are busy planning retreats in France, in May and September 2019.

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Power of Taoist Astrology
Power of Taoist Astrology

Johannes Bloemsma – Nourishing Destiny

Thé I Tjing & Nine Star Ki Workhsop

In this unique workshop you are introduced to the I Tjing, the Chinese Book of Changes. Moreover you will learn how to connect her with Nine Star Ki, an astrologic system based on numbers. TOgether these Taoist techniques reveal the blueprint behind your life.

April 11th / 10.00 – 16.00
Dutch spoken

Meridian Shiatsu
MO 13.00-17.00
Meridian Shiatsu
Nelleke Staal – van Dam

Voel je meer dan welkom bij de shiatsu lessen om zo de energiebanen (meridianen) die door ieders
lichaam stromen te ontdekken en hoe je deze het beste in balans kan houden.
Juist doordat je zelf wekelijks behandeld wordt en leert hoe je het beste een shiatsu behandeling
kunt geven, voel en ervaar je aan den lijve hoe energetische shiatsu werkt.

De meridianen shiatsu lessen bestaan uit het leren van de 12 energiebanen samen met de 5
elementen en hoe deze om te zetten tot een heerlijke shiatsu behandeling. Fijn voor de ontvanger
maar juist ook voor de gever. Aan de hand van de seizoenen wandelen we stap voor stap door deze
oer oude natuurgeneeskundige therapie. Iedere les is zo een cadeau voor jezelf omdat hij aansluit bij
jouw huidige proces dat ‘leven’ heet.
De wondermeridianen lessen kun je volgen wanneer je al met de meridianen hebt kennis gemaakt.
Vanuit de I Ching leer je per lesdag één trigram en hoe deze om te zetten naar een zeer effectieve
shiatsu behandeling. Inclusief alle kenmerken en combinaties per koppel, zoals Hemel en Aarde of
Water en Vuur. Ook diagnostisch gezien gaan we hier dieper op de stof in.
De beide modules zijn KTNO geaccrediteerd en tellen mee voor opleidings- of nascholingspunten.
Instromen kan in overleg of per nieuw thema blok. De eerste lesdag is een gratis proefles.


Body Voicing
TU 19.30 - 21.30
Body Voicing

Icatya Sedney

Do you want to reclaim your voice and enjoy a body that moves with ease and grace? Are you ready to unleash obstacles that cause you stress and strains? You are welcome to join the class and be part of a weekly journey of self-discovery through movement and sound.

The intelligence of the body can tell us exactly what we need to give our movements support, flexibility and coordination. Once you connect with the wisdom of your inner body you’ll enjoy a more relaxed and vitalized body, peace in mind and freedom in using your voice.

I will guide you on your journey through the inner world of your body. I‘ll make use of specially designed exercises to enhance your awareness of your richness of possibilities.