Modules 2018 - 2022


One – four years education

Taoist Inner Alchemy foundation training, largely based on the Healing Tao in which Mattijs started teaching in 2005. Since then Mattijs has come to have a different interpretation of some of the practices, being largely influenced by teachers like Reinoud Eleveld (Tao Training), Peter den Dekker (Yi Chuan), Juan Li (I Ching Dao) and Francisca van Leeuwen (Aikido).

The four years can be followed seperately but they are structured progressively. People with sufficient training experience may apply for stepping in later, in which case level will be scrutinized.

Prognosis is the first year will be Dutch spoken. Do not hesitate to apply for English though: with sufficient non-Dutch people interested language may be changed to English.

Living in Heart and Soul 1

H&S – Level 1

Check Dutch page for dates

10.00 – 17.00 hour

No experience needed
Language is probably Dutch. But let’s hear from y’all and we’ll see what we can do!
Only the first three modules can be taken seperately. They may serve as introduction classes to the year.

Module 1 – Yi force and 1st Fire (Integrity and health)

Module 2 – 2nd Fire (From stress to Vitality)

Module 3 – 3rd Fire and Five Elements (Emotional balance and Compassion)

Module 4 – Yin-Yang balance (Water and Fire)

Module 5 – Sexual Kung Fu (Sexual Transformation)
Su (with Neska Ong A Kwien)

Hours= 77
€ 890 – 5 Modules (11 days) pay before 9/9
€  950 – 5 Modules (11 days) pay in two parts
€  175 – per module (2 days) (€ 260 – 3 days module)

The first days can be taken as ‘try out classes’. You can still enjoy the early bird price after the 16/9.
First three modules may be taken seperately but in order to join the rest of the year áll previous modules need be followed.

Your place is reserved when the  contribution is transferred on IBAN: NL 08 RABO 0 34 69 91 609 (mentionning training dates and – name and your name)

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Living in Heart and Soul 2,3 and 4

For more information check the Dutch page or contact for more information.

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Parallel instructor training
From the third year on exists the possiblity of applying for a parallel instructor training that prepares you to incorporate some of the basic techniques like the Inner Smile and the Healing Sounds in your active profession as a therapist or teacher