Studio MENG


Studio MENG offers Daoist training and workshops on health, mindfulness and leadership. Cultivating the mind through our bodies lies at the root of this practice. Dao training integrates aspects of Qi Gong, Dao Yin, Nei Gong and Taiji Chuan.

MENG (䷃) is the fourth hexagram in the Yijing and denotes Youthful Folly.

“ This is the hexagram of the inexperienced, of education and learning process. … The essence of this hexagram is that the layman, presented in these texts, ought to be conscious of his ignorance.”

– Han Boering – (I Tjing voor de 21ste eeuw)


Studio MENG is based in a beautiful space in the Zeehelden quarter in the center of The Hague.


Studio MENG offers space for meetings, workshops and therapies on request.

Helmersstraat 140, 2513 SC Den Haag
+31(0)6 10 22 39 60
Available from Mon. - Fri.

Feel free to contact for any questions.