Dao Training

What is Dao training?

Daoists for centuries have been developing techniques for living long and healthily. Their studies of change and interrelationship in nature, are at the root of both martial arts and medical science.
Studio MENG – Dao training is based on these studies.
We offer exercises to improve our physical and mental integrity. Dao training teaches us to listen to our inner voice that advices us about our health and wellbeing. When we learn to trust this inner voice, we feel better and function better.

Studio MENG – Dao training is rooted in various practices including Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Dao Yin and Taiji Chuan. Dao training is popularly named Dao Yoga.

No need to worry about complex postures or pretty movement. We keep it simple. Less effort turns out to be an achievement of great efficiency.

We practice easy movements that require no strength or agility. Standing and sometimes sitting or lying down, we learn to recognize tension and let it go. We investigate the effects of the movements by allowing the attention to sink deep into the body. In dynamic meditation we direct the mind to the energetic movements in the organs and meridians. Thus we calm the mind and develop a clear focus. We develop resilience and tenacity through subtle martial arts. We learn techniques to revitalize ourselves at any given moment. The training is amply supplied with theory. Developing efficiency in any sort of affair is a common theme in Taoist training.

This training is formidably suited to benefit companies and organisations.

MENG Elementair werk offers stimulating kick starts, refreshing breaks and in-depth workshops for the benefit of disease prevention, stress management and personal development.
We offer á la carte formulas and tailor made trainings and would be pleased to hear any of your particular wishes.

Benefits of Dao training

  • Relaxing muscles and strengthening tendons
  • Improving bodily posture and locomotion
  • Optimizing blood flow and the metabolism
  • Strengthening our emotional balance
  • Improving our perception and performance
  • Sharpening the immune system
  • Getting invigorated