Frequently Asked Questions

Is this some sort of Chinese Yoga?

Yes. Like Vedic Yoga, the Chinese, Taoist training is an extensive system of practices aimed at developing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. But where many spiritual traditions are focused on transcendence, Taoism is primarily concerned with cultivating a long and happy life. Here and Now. And enjoying it to the fullest! Gathering and managing energy is therefore of importance. And in order to responsibly deal with that precious life gift, martial arts are part of the practice.

Does Tai Chi have anything to do with it?

Yes. Tai Chi, represented by the Yin-Yang symbol, is the underlying principle of all Taoist arts. Tai Chi Ch’uan, or shadow boxing, Is one of the disciplines that consitute the Taoist training. Learning these complex series of movements takes long-term commitment. Simple Chi Kung exercises offer an attractive alternative for exploring the principles of Tai Chi.

How to see Tao Training between Mindfulness, Body-Mind, Yin- Yang Yoga...?

There are many practices around that are based on Oriental traditions and that are often mixed with Western influences. Tao training is modernized all the same. But its inspiration in nature has not changed over the centuries.
Tao training is certainly not about training willpower by challenging your body to find its limits with difficult postures. Tao training is first about learning how to feel. It is about allowing yourself to actually connect with yourself, in order to see things as they are. Then, your body develops its innate power to recover and heal itself. In that way the spirit of respect and gratitude is developed.
The way this relates to other practices is best experienced in person. You are welcome to try out!

Is Taoism a religion?

Taoism is a practical approach of men, his work and the world, focused on everyday life experience. In it you may find religious, philosophical and more practical tendencies, like medical science, martial arts, dietetics, feng shui and others. In this spectrum, Studio MENG Tao training moves from the practical side to the slightly esoteric side: the Inner Alchemy. That means the student explores his own powers and becomes aware of his individual path. The training emphasizes the relationship with the body as a means to development. Human potential is thoroughly explored through methods of gymnastics, meditation, self-healing and martial arts.

What should I wear? Should I bring anything?

You do not need to take anything. It may be nice to have your own water flask at hand.
Make sure you dress comfortably and so that you may control your individual temperature (as in diferent layers). Be notified that the floor may be cool sometimes.
In case we use mats they will be provided for by the instructor. (Outside) shoes are not permitted in the studio.

I am physically limited – could I still join?

Yes. The practice can be enjoyed by anyone – pregnant, blind, Parkinson…  Please do inform the trainer in advance, in order for him to adjust the exercise to your specific situation.
Studio MENG is located on the 2nd floor and there is no elevator. Help may be provided in consultation with the trainer.