Studio MENG

A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain:
The image of Youth. Thus the superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.

Yi Jing Traditional

Studio MENG is located in an old dancing school in the Hague’s Seafarers quarter. It is here that Mattijs van Katwijk offers and organises courses and workshops in the field of health and personal development since 2010. Cultivating the mind body connection for cultivating potential lies at the root of these practice. Dao training integrates aspects of qigong, daoyin, neigong and taiji chuan.

MENG (䷃) is the fourth hexagram in the Yijing and denotes Youthful Folly. “ This is the hexagram of the inexperienced, of education and learning process. … The essence of this hexagram is that the layman, presented in these texts, ought to be conscious of his ignorance.” – Han Boering – (I Tjing voor de 21ste eeuw)

Studio MENG is based in a beautiful space in the center of The Hague. Please take note that the studio is on the second floor and we are sorry to say we do not have an elevator.

Using Studio MENG
Studio MENG offers space for meetings, workshops and therapies on request.
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