” Mattijs’s training has taught me to be aware of what is going on in my body.
Moreover the analogy between my body and the outer world has been an absolute eye-opener… “

You know there’s more to you. Or perhaps you are struggling with something. The gym nor your general practitioner offer a sparring partner on both a physical ánd mental level. And when the boxing school is to one-dimensional and yoga is too vague, you might be interested in a no-nonsense approach to you as whole human being. You might want a training that is individually suited to optimising your personal condition.

Surprise yourself in one or two sessions, or integrate the desired qualities through ongoing practice. Online or in Studio MENG in the Seafarer’s Quarter in The Haag. Let’s talk about your wishes for your personal training!

I offer guidance in the fields of

  • Physical and mental condition
  • Posture and presentation
  • Meaning
  • Emotional balance
  • Self confidence

E-mail straight away for inquiries, or to make an appointment!

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