Lofty aims, humbling works

Contrary to popular belief QIGONG is nót about relaxation or finding your calm.

In fact, without a proper (but shockingly rare) level of calm and relaxed it is not really possible to even dó Qigong proper.

Qigong is not soft and easy movements. At all.

Despite its external choreographic simplicity it is hella complex and damn hard work inside.

Qigong is not about finding your balance or harmonising with nature. Well, whatever, maybe later.

Designed to actually change the bodies’ internal functioning it is bloody strenuous.

Like yoga proper, Qigong is about opening up the body and building a new – not ‘natural’ – internal alignment. The tissues are changed in order to set up a complex of magnetisms that will further align and activate a progression of energetic refinements, preparing for more and more subtle levels of cultivation.

Its aim is to develop your connection with SOUL, really, but that’s like in a whole next chapter. Trust me, you’ll be able to tell when I get there!

Anyway, visualisation won’t cut it.

Nor will your breath!

But if you would like to get a little taste of its foundations then check out the classes that I will be offering online and live in the Hague this summer.


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